Who is Capital Promotions & Promotional Product Direct?

Capital Promotions is headquartered in Baltimore with other offices located along the Eastern Seaboard.

Capital Promotions  is your dynamic one-stop shop for all of the savvy marketing ideas and cool products you need to help you engage customers and employees with your brand.

We partner with businesses of all sizes and industries to effectively showcase their brand with the top apparel, accessories, and premium items in every product category. Capital provides all the sales and customer service in the Northeast corridor.

Promotional Product Direct is the sourcing, importation and factory direct connection for over 150 promotional product factories. These factories are located in 10 countries and they produce over 10,000 unique marketing and promotional products. 

“Business marketers on the east coast are in love with Ignite & Promotional Product Direct!”

We work directly with business marketers on the East Coast and throughout the country to source, logo and deliver the coolest in trendsetting promotional swag hot and fresh from our factory floor direct to your door.

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Here’s an idea for business marketers!

Look over our website to see just a few of ideas we offer. Let’s get those creative juices flowing. The products you see on our site are only a small part of what we can source, logo and deliver!

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

We will find you just about any product you can imagine. We will deliver it “hot and fresh to your door” complete with your logo on it. All for 1 low price, all direct from the products factory.

If you are an innovative business marketer, Capital & Promotional Product Direct is your choice for creative marketing products.

Want to find out more? Email Us or Call  1-301-637-9152

Who Is Promotional Product Direct?

PPD and Capital Promotions are part of a group of 14 outliers and disruptors in the promotional products business.

“We have 14 regional sales office throughout North America ready to help you out.”

Connect with our expert promotional product sales experts. To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

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